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  • EAB North America is a success story!

    We founded EAB North America about 18 months ago. EAB's efficient materials handling concept, Radioshuttle™, was launched in March 2015 and was hugely successful from the outset. And we have now sold no fewer than 60,000 pallet spaces.

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  • 1.000 truly efficient reasons to celebrate!

    Our Maxipacker is a success! During the year, we have manufactured 3,500 machines to help our customers streamline their warehouses and right now we are manufacturing the 1.000th model of the latest Maxipacker machine. Congratulations North America, it's on its way!

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  • Right now we're lifting 60,000 pallets all around the world!

    EAB's System Maxipacker is world renowned for its efficiency and effective utilisation of storage space. Read about a couple of our success stories. We have almost 1,000 more in store!

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    Would you like to become part of and develop in a company with sound values and the world as their marketplace? Then welcome to us at EAB!


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  • EAB - The movie

    Are you up for taking a fast EAB trip? Be our guest and relax. Here comes two minutes of EAB which we hope will give you a fair picture of who we are and what we do. Welcome!


EAB is a family business operating within three different product areas: storage equipment, doors and steel buildings. Our company headquarters, production centre and development department are in Smålandsstenar, Sweden, but our products can be found the world over. A warm welcome from us at EAB!

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EAB - The movie

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